Xenia Mateiu

Xenia Mateiu is an experimental photographer born in Transylvania, Romania who has made her home in Southern California for the past decade. Mateiu entered the fascinating world of photography during college, where she was introduced to film and darkroom developing, gaining appreciation for each frame as a singular moment in time.  She later began to experiment with alternative processes and equipment, merging ideas and concepts.

Owing much to her Romanian heritage and upbringing, Mateiu has always considered herself “nature-oriented,” which translates into her imagery.  The Flowers in Mateiu’s Camera-less Photography Project were not taken with a camera but alternatively were captured on a high-resolution film-negative scanner, allowing Mateiu to produce large scale images that express everyday life elements in detailed texture and complexity. 

Of all possible means of expression, Mateiu finds that photography helps her communicate what is essential to her being—light, detail, attention, patience and gratitude towards the simplicity of nature's creation.  Her minimal, impactful style of photography reminds us to look closely at the world around us, to notice detail in our everyday realities, and to appreciate the earth beneath our feet.