Andrew Kaplan

Andrew Kaplan's expressive and often evocative photographs are a product of his adventurous spirit and his attachment to the camera.  Seizing every opportunity to "go crawling," Kaplan enjoys combing urban and rural settings in search of abandoned structures and once-forgotten items, using his keen eye to preserve the present on film and capture the past in our imaginations.  Each photograph expresses the indelible forces of time, nature and man, exposing the corrosive impact of abandonment and decay.   He frames his shots to highlight contrasts in color and light, accentuating both the grit and the beauty in each of his experiences.

After graduating from the prestigious Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia, Kaplan  headed west, where he eventually settled in Phoenix, Arizona and enjoys traveling in the Southwest and throughout the United States to shoot his unique images: "I have had a passion for photography since college where I studied graphic design and was exposed for the first time to photography, " says Kaplan.  "After finishing graduate school, I began to pick up the camera again.  I was introduced to Urbex Photography through a friend and dove in with two feet.  Exploring urban and rural abandonment is my passion."