Ashley Binder

 “When I was a little girl, my mother showed me the drawings of Leonardo.  I was fascinated.  I loved them.  I began, then, to draw horses.”

Ashley Binder, an artist in Santa Fe, was that little girl.  Her work evolved from that style, on paper and canvas, in charcoal and pigment.  Over time, she found her own voice but stayed connected to the old tools and style of the Renaissance masters.  In her drawings, Ashley captures the character of the animal and the flow of its movement, just as they did, but in her own way.  She has loved horses always.  Ashley has horses of her own now and cares for them, trains them, rides them, and loves them – her inspiration is continuous.

Ashley says that her work is powerful yet calming.  The power comes from the charcoal and the horse – the calming comes from the soft lines and style.  Her work is simple and elegant.  Her lines curve and flow, reflecting the smooth movement and grace of the animals.  The horse’s spirit, its essence, comes right out of the image.  Ashley says that charcoal can do this best – a few lines, a few shadows, a little pigment - simple, elegant.