Conrad Kern

Conrad Kern creates his largely monochromatic abstracts by adding layer upon layer of paint and varnish, which he then sands, repeating the process multiple times until he deems the piece complete.  Exploring the rich world of color, he fills his rich oil-on-canvas works with vibrant, brilliant  fields ranging from pale blue to deep crimson, creating luminous pieces that draw the viewer directly into “the mood, emotion and power of individual colors.”  The Santa Fe artist notes: “The paintings celebrate the joy and potency of color as they ask the viewer to stop and contemplate the emotions they inspire and the many tones they celebrate."  Kern's canvases emphasize subtle variations in hue and texture to produce an illusion of movement--spaces of quietly shifting moods, where shocks of contrasting color remind us that some moments change everything.

Critically acclaimed Kern has been exhibited in several established galleries on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, as well as in Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and internationally.