Joe Ramiro Garcia

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Joe Ramiro Garcia is a contemporary mixed-media painter living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Garcia attended the High School for Performing and Visual Arts, where his early collages composed of street trash attracted the attention of the Art Institute of Chicago.  

Described as a "metaphor for life," Garcia's imagery and figures draw from common, everyday experience to consumerism and iconic pop-culture.   Layers of imagery and visual texture create what he calls, "an open narrative," allowing the viewer to form "personal, emotional, and possibly psychological interpretations"  of his work.  Using oil paints, pastels, alkyd, gouache, archival varnish, pigment paints, and even ballpoint pen and colored pencils, Garcia combines traditional brush and palette-knife techniques with his unique printmaking process to create postmodern collage-work on canvas and birch panel.

Garcia's work is published, privately collected, and exhibited in museums and galleries in Santa Fe, Taos, Chicago, Portland, Kansas City, Los Angeles and Oceanside, CA.