Kristi L. Stout

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Kristi L. Stout is a visionary, a poet, a writer and eternal student of life.  Based in San Diego, Kristi's extensive career in the arts includes: graphic artist, writer, assistant magazine editor, creator, industrial designer, fine artist and published illustrator.  Academically,  she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of California, originally thinking—with her entire heart—that she wanted to be a cartoon animator.  However, through an intriguing series of (fortunately) unfortunate events, she instead became something else of the creative ilk. Associating with, but not limited to, these things: an artist, a writer, a creator and a living form of expression.   

In 2013, Kristi published her first illustrated short-fiction titled, The Quest of Heart.  Kristi is a resident author on Rebelle Society,  where she writes about empowerment and inspiration, continuously conspiring to inspire the world!