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OPENING RECEPTION: The Suri and the Nuer: a Photo-narrative by Dr. Steven Wade Adams

  • Legend Nano Gallery, Oceanside 1709 South Coast Highway Oceanside, CA, 92054 United States (map)

The Suri and the Nuer: a Photo-narrative by Dr. Steven Wade Adams, a solo exhibit featuring the humanitarian photographer and the story of his travels in Ethiopia. 
Opening reception Dec 7, 6-9pm @ our Oceanside gallery. Exhibit runs through Dec. 14. 
*** All artist profit will be donated to Project Concern International***
This body of work was captured during an expedition to the Omo Valley and the Gambella region of Ethiopia near the border with South Sudan in the fall of 2016. In the Omo, Steve visited the fierce Surma tribe known as the Suri which has rarely been visited due to their remote location. A recently completed highway from the capital will undoubtedly change their almost primal way of life forever. The same trip included time with the Nuer of Ethiopia, cousins of the much larger population of Nuer in South Sudan. Traditional Nuer culture in this region was modified some time ago by the presence of western missionaries but more recent economic development and the lure of factory jobs poses an even greater threat to their traditional lifestyle. Both groups are pastoralists but tribal cultures and their approach to tending cattle are quite distinct. Herding amongst the Suri is primarily a male activity, where men live with the cattle far from the village and return home only intermittently. In contrast, the Nuer people maintain their cattle much closer to their homes, bringing them into the center of village every night so they can be protected from wildlife and nearby marauding tribes.