Dr. Steven Wade Adams

Steven Adams is passionate about visiting and photographing people and their diverse lives around the world.  Trained as a scientist and veterinarian, he is naturally interested in issues related to health and devotes his photographic work to related humanitarian causes. Steve’s photographic style pulls your attention to the subject as he captures both beauty and human connection, reminding us of what connects us all in the rapidly disappearing diversity of our world.

His most recent body of work was captured during an expedition to the Omo Valley and the Gambella region of Ethiopia near the border with South Sudan in the fall of 2016. In the Omo, Steve visited the fierce Surma tribe known as the Suri, rarely visited due to its remoteness.  A recently completed highway from the capital will undoubtedly change their almost primal way of life forever. Steve then visited the Nuer of Ethiopia, cousins of the much larger Nuer population in South Sudan. Nuer culture in this region was modified some time ago by the presence of western missionaries, but industrialization and recent economic development pose an even greater threat to their traditional lifestyle.  Both groups are pastoralists, but tribal cultures and their approach to tending cattle are quite distinct…

In a gesture to the peoples who so generously contributed to his art, Dr Adams donates his profits from the sale of his prints to support health and hygiene education in developing countries.  In 2015, he founded Project Kalay, a non-profit dedicated to health and hygiene of underserved children in Burma (Myanmar). His current work is with Project Concern International, a locally-based global development organization driving innovation to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship.